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Get our prerendered Sentinel-2 cloudless as map cache or create your own layer using our mapping optimized source mosaics for web maps or desktop GIS tools.

Sentinel-2 cloudless 2018 single-file

5.000 €

Viewing Ready - Get the prerendered map used at (mosaic combined with bathymetry and ocean mask) both as GeoPackage and MapCache SQLite file for self-hosting or offline usage.

projections WGS84 lat/lon or Web Mercator both zoom 0-13
file formats GeoPackage and MapCache SQLite
compression lossy (JPEG 75)
image processing color corrected, sharpened
size WGS84: 471GB (MapCache) / 544GB (GeoPackage), Web Mercator: 179GB (MapCache) / 223GB (GeoPackage)
delivery method HTTP download
delivery time download link provided within one working day

Sentinel-2 cloudless 2016 single-file

1.500 €

Sentinel-2 cloudless 2018 GeoTIFFs

5.000 €

Looking for the free (non commercial) WMS/WMTS endpoints? Follow the instructions on
For commercial endpoints, please contact sales.

Sentinel-2 cloudless makes a great background map in our Plane Finder app and EOX kindly supported us with our specific needs! Lee Armstrong, CTO -

Data Products

Get off-the-shelf multispectral mosaic data from Sentinel-2 or define a custom mosaic tailored for your needs for further analysis and processing.

EOxCloudless Sentinel-2 2018 8bit

10.000 €

Exploitation Starter - Get the global mosaic as a 4 band (RGB + NIR) GeoTIFF tile dataset for basic analysis.

projections WGS84 lat/lon tile pyramid (zoom 0-13)
file formats GeoTIFF
compression lossless (DEFLATE, predictor 2)
bands red, gree, blue, near infrared
data type 8bit
image processing linear stretch to 8bit (0-10.000)
size 7.5TB
delivery method HTTP download or AWS S3 bucket (requester pays, no cost in EU Frankfurt region)
delivery time download link provided within five working day
spatial subset possible on request

EOxCloudless Sentinel-2 2018 16bit

EOxCloudless Custom

EOX kindly supported us in our data processing needs and the preparation of various datasets for use in our simulation platform! Simon Vescio, Titan IM


Refined satellite data

EOxCloudless preprocesses raw satellite imagery to cloudless and seamless satellite data coverage. No more manual preselection of good scenes. No more unnecessary fetching of unusable data. No more data stitching. Just define time of interest and let us do the work.

after before
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Customized mosaics

Every use case has its specific requirements. To be able to meet these requirements we developed a couple of different methods to extract the optimum pixels from image stacks to get the best data coverage for you.

Wall-to-wall processing

From regional to global mosaics at full resolution: Our platform is designed for cloud computing and scales with your needs.

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Original Metadata, full traceability

By retaining original metadata, our products enable tracing back to individual input satellite images on a per-pixel basis.

Multiple sensors, countless applications

We accommodate processing of both optical and radar data. Complementing our Sentinel-2 dataset with Sentinel-1 on-demand processing, we offer unprecedented possibilities for monitoring applications.

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Change analysis

The world is in constant change - our products allow comparing different points in time, enabling analysis and monitoring of natural and man-made development.

Time series

EOxCloudless enables continuous agricultural monitoring of spatial areas of any size by using higher level optical data or even a combination of optical and radar data together with optimized time intervals.

Images contain modified Copernicus Sentinel data 2017 & 2018.